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Star ratings

Your Complete Guide To Show Star Ratings, Enhance Your Store's Online Reputation and Customer Confidence Through Product Ratings.


LAI embed blocks is required to be enabled to show product review section. Click here on how to enable LAI embed blocks.

On 2.0 themes#

  • It's required to enable LAI embed block > add a Star ratings block to show the star ratings.

On 1.0 themes#

  • This is a piece of code to show star ratings. If you need our assistance, feel free to reach out to us.
<div class="scm-reviews-rate" data-rate-version2={{ product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData.reviewCountInfo | json }} data-product-id= {{ }}></div>


Q1: Where does the star rating show?#

  • The star rating shows right under product title as default. It's clickable and directs you to the review section.


Q2: How to show the average rating instead of the total number of reviews?#

Step 1: Please go to Display > untick Hide star rating texts

Step 2: Replace n with average_rating

Step 3: Click Save and re-check it on your online store


If you have any more questions abour star ratings, do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or send emails to