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Feature in Free plan:
  • • Import from AliExpress, CSV
  • • Basic widgets
  • • SEO snippets
  • • 10 imported reviews per product
  • • 50 review request emails per month
per month
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Feature in Essentials plan:
  • • Import from Amazon, AliExpress, CSV
  • • Full product reviews setting
  • • Reply to reviews
  • • Auto publish reviews
  • • Specific reviews for advanced widgets
per month
Start for free
Feature in Complete plan:
  • • Import from Amazon, DSers, CJ, Walmart
  • • All reviews widgets
  • • Video reviews
  • • Q&A
  • • Product groups
  • • Delivery based emails
  • • Google Shopping
  • • Full integrations
Import reviews
Import from AliExpress
Import from CSV
Import from Amazon-
Import from DSers--
Import from CjDropshipping--
Reviews per import from CSVUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Reviews per import from Amazon-100100
Reviews per import from other sources301001000
Reviews per product10500100000
Products can import reviews101000120000
Collect reviews
Emails per month5050500
Review request emails
Review reminder emails-
Reward emails--
Reward reminder emails--
Exclude emails from automated campaigns--
Exclude products from automated campaigns--
Discount for photo reviews--
Review request upon delivery--
Sign in before writting reviews--
Send review request emails manually--
Manage reviews
Pin reviews520Unlimited
Reply to reviews-
Auto publish reviews-
Sync reviews between products--
Copy reviews between products--
Sync reviews between stores (coming soon)--
Export reviews--
Display reviews
Star rating
Product reviews section
Advanced Product reviews section settings-
Card grid
Card carousel
Reviews pop-up-
Highlight reviews tab--
Media gallery--
Testimonial carousel--
Questions & Answers--
Set number of reviews per load-
Review sorting options-
Display photo reviews from customer submission-
Video reviews--
Videos per review--2
Video views per month--4000
Video storage (mb)--51200
Customization package--
PageFly Landing Page Builder
Ecomposer Landing Page Builder
GemPages Landing Page Builder
LayoutHub - Easy Page Builder
Beae Landing Page Builder
Zeno Landing Page Builder
Foxify Page Builder
Tapita Landing Page Builder (coming soon)
EasyDisplay: Product Showcase
BSS: Product Labels & Badges
SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed
Bon Loyalty--
Turn Reviews into Revenue with LAI Product Reviews