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Sync reviews among products

Syncing reviews allows you to instantly update reviews of products in the same group. Products belonging to a group will have the exact same reviews.

This feature will be useful when you have products that variants of one product have their unique product URLs.

Ex: Red and blue shirt Products with the same function. Off-season products that are not on sale anymore and replaced by a new seasonal product. Out-of-store products that are replaced by a similar or upgraded version.

Step 1: Go to Products > Create group#


Step 2: Fill in the following fields#


  • Group name: Enter the group name
  • Products: Click Browse and you can search for products by product name.
  • Group info: Display the total number of reviews and products within the group.

Step 3: Add products to group#


  • Click on Browse > Select the items that you want to group together. You can choose the product status to assign items with existing reviews to those without any reviews.

In this group, the Knitting Sock Sneakers has 88 reviews and the Latin Dance Shoes has 0 review.

Expected outcome: The Knitting Sock Sneakers has 88 reviews and the Latin Dance Shoes has 88 review.

Step 4: Save group#

After selecting the products, click Add to complete the addition of the products to the group > Save.


After creating the group, the review sync will start. If the number of products and reviews are high, please patiently wait for sync to finish.

LAI will remind you when you attempt to select a product that was already in a group.


Ex: Latin Dance Shoes was in the “Test 1” group. When you create a “Test 2” group and try to add it to “Test 2”, it is removed from “Test 1” and moved to “Test 2”.


You can select groups and do bulk action.


LAI limits the number of products within a group, with a maximum of 100 items.

If you need more support, please contact us via live chat or send us emails to