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Custom forms


The feature is available on our highest plan.

In this article#

- What are custom forms?

- How to create a custom form?

  • Step 1: Navigate the feature's location

  • Step 2: Fill in a custom form

- Where does a custom form appear?

- Where do answers appear?

What are custom forms?#

  • A custom form is a useful tool to gather more customers' feedback about their purchased items. It includes questions which determine the specific attributes or criteria you want to collect reviews on. For example, attributes could include quality, price, usability, customer service, etc.

How to create a custom form?#

Step 1: Navigate the feature's location#

  • The feature is located on Manage reviews page, right at the upper right corner of the page. Please click on the Custom form button to start creating a question list for more customers' feedback.


Step 2: Fill in a custom form#

  • Here is an empty custom form:


  • The table below describes every element of the custom form:

    Custom form nameYesA name attached to a custom form
    Required optionNoDetermine a question is required to get answer or notA red asterisk next to a required question
    TitleYesA short alternative for your long question at the Product review sectionimg2
    QuestionYesTo collect feedbacks about your products, stores or services from your customers. They all show in the Write a review form.img3
    Question typeYesThere are 3 types: Text, Multiple choice and Single choiceIt depends on your intention when you collect detailed feedbacks to choose an appropriate question type.
    AdvanceNoIf you do not want to hide all current answers, tick this optionimg5

Where does a custom form appear?#

  • The custom form is shown up when your customer leaves you reviews via Write a review form.


Where do answers appear?#

  • Corresponding to their reviews, all answers are now showing:

    • in the Product review section on your online store


    • and managed on review detail pages.

If you need any other help to create and get the form worked, feel free to let us know via live chat or send us messages to