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Google rich snippets

Our app provide a support in adding more information to product pages so that Google can crawl and display the star rating snippet on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

For example:


  • If you need help adding rich snippets to your website, please contact our support team via live chat channel for further assistance.

  • If you’re currently familiar with the Google structured data, please take a look at the screenshot below as an example of how to add rich snippet code for your site:


This is our snippet code:

 {% assign countAverage = product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData.reviewCountInfo.average | plus: 0 %}     {%- if countAverage > 0 %}      "review": {{ product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData['seoReviews'] }},                "aggregateRating": {                  "@type": "AggregateRating",                  "ratingValue": "{{ product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData.reviewCountInfo.average }}",                  "ratingCount": "{{ }}"                },          {%- endif -%}

If anything you’re not clear, please contact us via live chat or send emails to