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| April 9, 2024

Sync reviews across store with LAI Product Reviews

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At LAI Product Reviews, we're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation designed to streamline your eCommerce operations: the "Sync Reviews Across Stores" feature.

The aim and usage#

Gone are the days of manual review importing and collecting for each store. The Sync Reviews Across Store feature allows you to share reviews between your stores with just a few clicks.

Our goal with this feature is to simplify the process of managing reviews, and ratings across multiple online stores. Whether you're expanding your presence or managing various storefronts, this feature ensures consistency and efficiency in your review management strategy.

Our app is incredibly user-friendly. Therefore, configuring the settings for the Sync Reviews Across Stores feature should not pose any difficulty:

sync shop setting

You can visit our detailed guidance to learn more about the way to use this feature.

With the "Sync Reviews Across Stores" feature, LAI Product Reviews continues to empower merchants with innovative solutions for effective review management across their eCommerce ecosystem.