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Dropshipping | July 25, 2022
How to Start a Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store?

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Dropshipping is an excellent business these days. Many people are earning thousands of dollars without a considerable investment. While there are many dropshipping platforms, you need the best to manage your store easily.

Shopify is among the top platforms to set up an online store for your dropshipping business. It has many advantages and perks which are beginner friendly.

You just have to create an account, set up an online store using the tools on Shopify, integrate supplier management tools like DSers, choose a payment method, and start dropshipping right away around the world.

Shopify can help you reach your ultimate goal in the dropshipping world within a short period of time. It has the right set of tools and options that enable you to become the best dropshipper.

Check out the complete guide to set up a Shopify store to start right away.

How to Start a Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store?#

A successful Shopify Dropshipping requires proper planning in choosing the products and being creative in setting up the online store.

You have to manage your suppliers properly and link your customers with a reliable service. Let us first understand what Shopify dropshipping means so that you will have a firm knowledge of what you want to execute.

What is Shopify Dropshipping?#

Dropshipping is a service that provides customers with the product they need by ordering them from a third-party supplier directly to their doorstep.

Shopify is an online platform that enables you to create a store for customers to order their desired products.

As a dropshipper, you will be choosing a niche and products related to that. Then you have to find reliable suppliers and display the products on the online store.

When a customer orders a product you displayed, you will be notifying the supplier to ship it directly to the customer.

The selling price of the product will consist of the wholesaler’s price along with your profit margin.

Shopify makes it easy for you to create an online presence, manage the suppliers, and run a successful dropshipping business. Also, they guide you with free courses and webinars on dropshipping.

Now let us explore the stepwise guide to setting up a successful Shopify Dropshipping Store.

Step By Step Guide to Shopify Dropshipping#

Once you have decided on the product you are going to dropship, you have three major steps in developing a Shopify Dropshipping store:

  • Creating a Brand
  • Developing Online Presence
  • Creating Online Store

Step 1 - Creating a Brand#

A brand consists of a Name with Logo and most importantly trust. Every successful business has a brand that people trust and you have to develop it among your customers.

So, the first step is to generate a business name that must be catchy and a logo that people will never forget.

Shopify has a free business name generator and a free logo creator application on its website. You can describe your intent and business in one word and get a ton of suggestions to pick from.

This is an important step because this will be the face of your business and you want to make it catchy.

Step 2 - Developing an online presence#

Once you have created a brand, you want to make sure that the brand name is also incorporated into your domain name.

Find the different domain name options available from the free domain generator and get a proper domain name.

Then you have to find hosting for your domain. The hosting lets you store your website information on a server. Therefore, if you want your site to be responsive and fast, get hosting with good features.

Shopify provides free subdomains for your primary domain with unlimited subdirectories. You also have information security with the WHOIS Privacy setting.

Step 3 - Creating Online Store#


An online store is primary for a dropshipping business. You have to create a store that is attractive, user-friendly, and easy to manage.

All these features are readily available in Shopify and you will be able to get them without any need for coding.

Shopify has a simple drag-and-drop system for designing the theme for your online store. There are about 70 different styles and themes you can choose from. You also have access to stock images for designing your store.

The online store is also mobile-friendly which enables you to view the website easily on your smartphone.

So, to do all this, you have to follow this procedure:

  • Create an account with Shopify
  • Choose a plan according to your requirement. Shopify has its basic package starting from $29 per month and you can also subscribe to it for a yearly subscription.
  • Once you have subscribed, create the online store with the tools provided by Shopify. It is very simple and you can also get free tutorials from Shopify.
  • Find potential suppliers to add products to the store. You can do it manually with a google search or by searching popular sites like AliExpress.
  • Another easy way to find potential suppliers is by integrating tools like DSers.
  • Create a payment method you are good to go with your business.
  • You have to advertise your site with social media, email marketing, and other popular means to increase traffic to your store.

Best Tools for Shopify Dropshipping#

The major aspect of dropshipping is finding reliable suppliers. It decides the future of your business and the trust you are going to build with the customers.

While manual skimming of suppliers is possible, it consumes a lot of time. You need a fast and reliable solution that can be provided by tools like DSers.

DSers is the best dropshipping tool that helps you to find potential suppliers for the product you want to sell.

It is the official software of AliExpress and you will get authentic data directly from AliExpress regarding the suppliers.

You can integrate this software into your Shopify store and directly import all the products with reliable suppliers onto your online store.

DSers help you to process orders, manage your orders, track payments, perform bulk payments, and much more.

It can also optimize your supplier according to your requirement and display potential candidates. You will be able to pick the right choices and import them to your Shopify Store.

Apart from these, once the order is placed, the software automatically syncs the Order data and tracks the shipment, and displays all this information in a sophisticated interface.

So, when you have decided to start dropshipping with Shopify, integrate DSers to conduct a hassle-free business online.

How Profitable is Shopify Dropshipping?#

Primarily, profit from dropshipping depends on the niche and the product you have chosen. If you have done that step properly, you can earn more than $1000 per month easily.

The margin you get for selling a product is low in dropshipping. That is why you need to increase your traffic and make people buy your product. When you sell more, you can get more profit despite the low margin..

You have several options in Shopify Dropshipping. Instead of creating a single store for a particular niche, you can create multiple online stores and get consistent profit from each of them.

Therefore, earning more than $5000 is possible in dropshipping but it requires consistency in dropshipping business to build a brand and earn such profits.

How long does it take to be successful in dropshipping?#

It all depends on your effort and how you understand the needs of your customer. With proper research, effort, marketing, and SEO, you will be able to prosper within a year in dropshipping.

You have to constantly update your store and present the customers with what they need. Also, you have to spend effectively on marketing and advertising your store to customers.

Therefore, in 6 to 8 months you can develop a successful brand with Shopify and gain profit from dropshipping.


Dropshipping is among the top online businesses in the world which requires less effort and investment. Shopify dropshipping is an effective e-commerce platform to start an online store without much effort. Start dropshipping with Shopify and earn right away.