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Video review


Video review is a trust-worthy and lively social proof for your online store!#

Collecting video reviews#


Video format: mov, avi, mp4, wmv and webm. Video size for each: up to 50 mb.

Option 1: Write a review form#

Step 1:#

  • Go to Settings on the Dashboard > Reviews > Video reviews > click Enable > Save.
  • When you enable the feature successfully, the display is: The setting is enabled.

Step 2:#

  • On your product pages, scroll down to the review widget, click Write A Review

Step 3:#

  • Click Add media to upload videos.

Option 2: Edit reviews to add videos#


Videos can not be uploaded when you create reviews manually.

  • Instead, please edit reviews to add videos.

  • Click the review you want to add videos > scroll down to Media sub-section > Add file or drop file to upload > wait for 1-2 minutes > reload the page to check the video.

  • Here is the result:

Managing video reviews#

  • To delete videos, click the video review you want to modify > move to the video > tick a small box at the top left corner of video > click Delete file > Save.

If you have any troubles when following the instruction, please contact us via live chat or