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Theme settings

From the Dashboard page, go to Display > Theme settings.


Q1: What are quick layouts?#

Our app has 6 different layouts to display the customer review section. If you want to see the demo of all layouts, visit this link:

Compare each quick layout on the preview section and choose your favorite one to show on your product page.


Q2: What are quick themes?#

We have a total of 12 themes inspired from different subjects. If you want to see the demo of all the themes, visit this link:

Choose the theme that fits your brand and topic the most.


Q3: How to make the review widget full-screen?#

In General, select Review widget width. Change px to % and change the width to 100. By default the review widget width is 1170 px or 80%, depending on the unit of length you select.


Here is the display of the full-screen review widget.


Q4: How to display more reviews on the review widget?#

In General, select Number of reviews per load and choose the number according to your preference.

The number of reviews per load that you have selected is displayed before the “Load more” button.


Q5: How to put photo reviews first?#

In General, select Review appearance sort, a dropdown menu appears, including 3 types of review sort methods: Date, Content and Photo. Please choose Photo to put photo reviews first.


Q6: How to remove the AliExpress shopper or anonymous name after?#

In Body, choose customer’s name and select one among four options to display customer’s profile name.


Q7: How to enable eye-catching reviewer profile image?#

In Body, choose the customer's avatar display. There are two ways to display customer avatar: Text and Image. You can only use this feature successfully if the quick layout is Minimal or Standard.


To enable reviewer profile image, please choose Image:


Customer’s avatar display in Text:


Customer’s avatar display in Image:


Q8: How to enable verified buyer badge?#

In Body, tick the checkbox Verified badge.


Here is the customer review when Verified badge checkbox is ticked.


And here is the customer review when Verified badge checkbox is unticked.


Q9: How to remove the country flag on reviews?#

In Body, untick the checkbox Flag.\


Q10: How to make the reviews align left?#

In Body, select Content alignment and change the review alignment according to your preference.


Q11: How to remove review dates?#

In Body, untick the checkbox Review date.