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Review showcase

From the Dashboard, you go to Settings -> Move to Display -> Open Review showcase -> Enable this feature and follow these steps:‌

1. In step 1, you choose the review source‌

  • New reviews: With this option, all new updated reviews will be shown on the Review Showcase.
  • Product: With this option, reviews of specific products can be shown on the Review Showcase.
  • Custom: This option allows you to choose specifically reviews showing on the Review Showcase.


2. In step 2, give the app permission to create a new page and enter your page name in this box. Click Create Page button.‌



3. Show the review showcase page on your Shopify store‌

For people to see this review showcase page, you need to add it to your store's navigation. On your Shopify homepage, you click the Online store -> Choose Navigation -> Click Main menu -> Click Add menu item.



A pop-up box then will appear. On the Link filter, find and click Pages -> Choose the review showcase page that you’ve created.


All setting steps completed. And here is the result:


If you have any troubles using the app, please contact us via and we are always willing to support you!