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Review showcase

LAI Product Reviews app supports you to easily create a review showcase page that displays all of your product reviews in one place.

From the Dashboard, you go to Display -> Review showcase -> Customize:‌ img15 ...and follow these steps:

Step 1: Enable the widget#


Step 2: Choose the review source‌#


2.1. Newest reviews:#

  • With this option, all new updated reviews will be shown on the Review Showcase.

2.2. From specific products:#

  • With this option, reviews of specific products can be shown on the Review Showcase. img16img17

After selecting a product, only 1 review of that product will be selected by default. You should change this number as you wish. For example, if you select 20 / 60 reviews of that product, then the last 20 reviews of that product will be displayed.

img19 img20

You can also choose a product to remove. img21

2.3. Specific reviews:#

  • This option allows you to choose specifically reviews showing on the Review Showcase.

There is a maximum of 100 reviews being shown on Review showcase.


Step 3: Add LAI Review Showcase section#

3.1. Create a template#

  • Go to your Shopify Theme Editor: img23

  • Please select Pages > Create template > name it HAPPY CUSTOMER PAGE (or any other name that you want). img24


img5 img27

3.2. Add LAI Review Showcase block to the template#

  • Please click on Add section > find Reviews showcase of LAI Product Reviews and choose it > Save changes.

img25 img6

Step 4: Create page and assign the template#

  • Please go to Pages > select Add page img12

  • Create a page and assign the template you've created on Step 3 to this page > Save the change.


Step 5: Show the review showcase page on your Shopify store‌#

For people to see this review showcase page, you need to add it to your store's navigation. On your Shopify homepage, you click the Online store -> Choose Navigation -> Click Main menu -> Click Add menu item > On the Link filter, find and click Pages -> Choose the review showcase page that you’ve created.

img8 img26 img29

All setting steps completed. And here is the result:


If you have any troubles using the app, please contact us via and we are always willing to support you!