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Homepage review

From the Dashboard, you go to Display > Home page reviews > Customize > Enable this feature.

Step 1: Choose the review source‌

  • New reviews: With this option, all new updated reviews will be shown on the Homepage Review.
  • Product: With this option, reviews of specific products can be shown on the Homepage Review.
  • Custom: With this option, you can choose specifically reviews being shown on the Homepage Review.



With Slider display, there is a maximum of 10 reviews to be shown. With non-Slider display, there is a maximum of 100 reviews to be shown.

Step 2: Customize the appearance

  • If you wanna show both images and content of reviews on Home page reviews, please choose one out of three layouts which are Dynamic, Formal and Standard.

    Here is the non-slider, Standard layout Home page reviews:


  • Testimonial is a detailed message, emphasizing what the customer likes about the products and declaring they recommend it to people they know.

    This layout shows 2 reviews on desktop and 1 review on phones at a time by default. No video or image will be shown on this display.


Reviews with content are always recommended to be chosen in this layout.


Step 3: Add the widget to your Shopify store‌

  • Click Save and add section to show the Home page reviews on your online store.


  • For upcoming changes of Home page reviews, you just need to click Save.

If you have any troubles, please contact us via Live chat or send emails to and we are always willing to support you!