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Json-LD for Google shopping

Guideline for SEO apps and SEO customizations

This document provides a clear instruction for using Json-LD from LAI to deliver data from websites to search crawlers like Google bot.

Use this Json-LD code to deliver products’ rating value and reviews information to promote search results:

"review": {{ product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData['seoReviews'] }},"aggregateRating": {    "@type": "AggregateRating",    "ratingValue": "{{ product.metafields.scm_review_importer.reviewsData.reviewCountInfo.average }}",    "ratingCount": "{{ }}"}

This code can be used to integrate LAI Product Reviews with SEO apps or to customize SEO in accordance with current themes.


When you use our Json-LD, Google may warn you that there are 2 Json-LD codes about reviews, one of which has been provided by LAI Product Reviews.

To avoid this warning, LAI Product Reviews has an option to remove auto-filling Json-LD. Please following the below instruction.

Please log in to LAI Product Reviews, go to Settings -> Display -> Deselect “Use JsonLD”


If you have any troubles following the instruction, please contact us via