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Import settings

When importing AliExpress reviews for a list of hundreds of products, it is very time-consuming to fill in the import filters every time you import. That's why you can save your import settings here, then LAI will automatically fill in all the settings for your next import.


What you’re seeing right now is the Default Import Settings, you can always reset back to these settings if you ever need to.

Basic import settings#

Date range:

  • Anytime (default)
  • Exclude last 7 days
  • This month
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 90 days
  • Custom


Quantity per import:

  • Random quantity: Enter the minimum quantity and maximum quantity, then the LAI will decide on a random number of reviews for you. This helps your products seem to have more authentic review numbers. For example, not all products have 20 reviews.
  • Fixed quantity: Enter a review number you wanted

Reviewer country: For example, If you only target US customers, then please select US in this list. By default, it is “All countries”

Filter reviews:

  • Only reviews with photos: LAI will only get the reviews that contain photos

  • Helpful votes: This option is applied to Amazon import. If you tick it, LAI will only get reviews with at least 1 helpful vote.

    Avatar of reviewers: This option is applied to Amazon import. If you tick it, LAI will only get reviews with reviewers’ profile pictures.

  • Auto generate name: Reviews from AliExpress have a name format like this.

LAI resolves that by automatically generating a name for it to make your reviews more authentic. For example: J**n => John.

Advanced import settings#

Translate: You also need to install LAI extension in advance to enable the translation function. The translation is provided by AliExpress, so please make sure to import reviews at least 2 weeks ago because AliExpress can not translate reviews over the last 7 days.


Some reviews may not be translated because we get the translation directly from AliExpress Translation. Russian reviews normally can not be translated into English. (This may happen to other languages).


I want to select and edit reviews before importing: If you untick it, the following preview will be skipped.

After you finish importing, all reviews will be published immediately, so If you prefer to always check the reviews before they’re going live, please make sure to tick “Always”. You can approve, remove reviews on the Free plan. To edit reviews in this step, you need to subscribe to at least the Basic plan.