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New Feature | April 22, 2021
Social Share in LAI Product Reviews app

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The Aim#

Everything has been transferred to social media. Social media controls our life more than you can imagine. Customers are very interested in researching the products they wish to buy. We help you to meet your target customers at every angle. Thus, we have built the Social Share feature for a long time and now we’re releasing it to our merchants.

This feature should be used every day to help you raise your brand awareness as well as increase your website traffic. There are 3 features in this version:

  • Manual Sharing
  • Automated Sharing
  • Schedule
  • Facebook Tab

The usage#

Our app is very friendly to use. As a result, the settings of the Social Share feature cannot be hard on you. You can view our settings before you connect your Facebook account.


The feature#

Manual sharing#

You might want to polish every Facebook post before sharing it to your audience. You can edit the caption, make it more appealing.


Or create your own caption


Automated Sharing#

This feature will definitely save your time. You can preview how the posts will be shared by setting conditions. Those conditions are applied for all the pushs. Just a small note before you proceed. You may share some reviews manually but still enable Automated Sharing. When this feature is enabled, our app just automatically picks the latest reviews and ignores 10 recently manual shared reviews. Rest assured that you won’t get duplicate posts on Facebook.


You want to save your time for other tasks? You want to share reviews following your target customers’ time zone? We got you back. “Schedule” option lets you create a review sharing schedule in advance.

You can pick the review and choose the date and time to share it.

Facebook Tab#

This feature lets you add a tab solely dedicated to show off your favorite reviews to your Facebook pages. As well as that, you can customize the appearance of your tab in the way you want: from the color of your text to the rating icon.


However, only pages with at least 2000 likes can add a new tab due Facebook’s policies.